About Us


Global Link Partners has an extensive background in the floral industry. We can help you leverage what you’ve always done, to take advantage of your current momentum, and adapt what you already have to help you get to where you will need to be to remain successful in the future.

The first question is basic: Why would I hire Global Link Partners?

If a manufacturing company is looking to outsource overseas, and they don’t currently have Asian connections, they may find themselves calling trade organizations or government agencies to answer their many questions.

Who will find the right factories? Who will translate for us? Who will go to China and buy goods for us? Where do you find out this type of information? How do you know you’re getting the best deals?

That’s where we come in.

We can answer those questions for you, and help you make the connections you need.

We have had great success with clients who are new to the Asian market, such as those who currently manufacture in the U.S. but who want to be more competitive and increase their profit margins. Or, if you are now buying in Asia and you aren’t satisfied with the service you’re getting, we are able to help you find better resources for your needs.

That’s what sets Global Link Partners apart from the rest — our focus on prompt, personalized service at a level that most places can’t or won’t provide.

What we find with smaller company clients is that our experience with merchandising is so much broader than what is available to them in-house. At the same time, we are able to give you suggestions or to connect you with experts who can.

The average person doesn’t have the retail, importing, and merchandising experience. The average agent overseas will just say “What do you want? Give me a picture and I’ll try to get it for you.” But they can’t expand on that, or add any other value.

So it’s really a combination of the sourcing and the mentoring.

The advantage with us is that these things don’t cost extra. In the floral industry, we have more than 20 years of experience and contacts. We have a truly extensive knowledge of floral containers and basketry of all kinds.

Something we pride ourselves on is our ability to spot an exciting look, product, or emerging trend. That comes from many years of retail experience. It’s the combination of service, knowledge, and connections that allow us to surpass our competitors.

A small potential customer could be a business owner, an artist with an idea, or an inventor with a product without the foggiest notion about how any of this stuff works.

Let’s say that I’m a floral industry rep, why would I contract with Global?

Here’s a great opportunity for a rep. We had an individual who contacted us who sold plants and flowers to chain stores. He wanted to supplement his income providing he had large enough customers. Not only could he sell the plants for his employer, but he could carry Global’s container line on the side. He could approach those chain stores and say “I’ve got a partner who does this, and if you are interested in having more than flowers, we’d love to be able to quote you on these things and be of service to you.”

You are able to broaden their knowledge base, their introductions, their sourcing, and their products in a line with which you are familiar.

If they are knowledgeable about flowers and plants, we can provide the other end of that knowledge with basketry and containers. If they have time only to sell, we have time to buy. It’s a team effort. For someone in that industry, it’s a serious benefit.

So, if we had a mosaic that made a picture, Global is the grout that holds the pieces together. Whatever’s necessary, we’ll do it.

Often, our clients aren’t interested in doing this legwork themselves. They don’t have the time, the knowledge, or the desire. Some of our clients don’t have the hours to get their own work done and we can help relieve that burden.

We will tailor our services to fill all of your individual needs at once. That’s the Global benefit.

To find out more about our services, call our president, Stan Coben, at 01.216.650.0804 or contact him by email at slcoben@globallinkpartners.com today.