In order to provide you with a more in-depth look at our services, we are presenting a series of articles, each describing in detail an example of our value to our clients and customers.

Often people rely on hype and fluff to get the attention of the prospects. We have over two decades of product design, development, and sourcing service and are using real-life examples (names withheld to protect their privacy) that show actual case study examples of work.

If you would like to interview Stan Coben, our founder, regarding these articles or reprint one of these case studies, please contact him directly.

Articles, organized by publication date:

If Sourcing in Asia Was Easy, You Wouldn’t Need Us SEPT. 2004
China is one of the most important markets in the world today, but their culture and government often make it a complicated process to capitalize on their resources. To be a successful player, a business owner must gain an understanding of the dramatic changes in business, culture, the government of China, and the dealings of the Chinese with other countries. Or, they can hire someone else to understand it for them.

Five Critical Points for New Product Innovations JUNE 2004
For every inventor, artist and entrepreneur who dream up the new perfect products that meet consumers’ yet undiscovered needs and end up making a fortune, there are probably ten times as many people who never get their latest and greatest ideas off the ground. And even when a prototype of your invention is developed, what next? How do you determine where and how to patent the idea, manufacture the product, etc.?