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Resources for the Floral and Garden Industry
We are one of the leading industry specialists in Floral and Garden Container, Basketry, and Floral accessories, and we offer a full range of services, including product development and design work. We provide low-cost solutions at every level, helping you avoid costly fixed overhead and time-consuming travel to Asia. We also offer guided factory tours for clients desiring this service. Learn how our contacts will save you money.

Resources for Buyers
Buyers are being bombarded with more and more products, often the same products from different suppliers — at dramatically different prices. Buyers have a heavy work load, often being forced to make decisions alone — in areas where they have little expertise. Some buyers have only limited experience but are being saddled with unrelenting pressure to make decisions with their company’s money. With our extensive experience we can be the best assistant you can find . . . and also the least expensive. Here’s how we can help.

Resources for Manufacturers
Stateside manufacturers are looking for relief, in Asia. They are looking for quality; they must have the best possible price and dependable delivery. But unless you have connections in Asia, where can you turn for help? And if you are not already sourcing there, then your competitors will make it a necessity soon. Here’s what to look for.

Resources for Retailers
Historically, retailers have not attempted to find sources in Asia on their own — until they met us, that is. Typically our retailer clients are companies expanding outside their current lines, perhaps for a special promotion or to leverage their current categories — by adding something already being purchased by their ideal customers. Our background in merchandising and marketing adds meaningfully to the reach of our network of sources in Asia. Here’s how we can be your guide to the Pacific Rim.

Resources for Inventors, Designers, and Artists
Inventors, Designers, and Artists want to get their ideas off the drawing boards — turn their skill into products. We are positioned to provide a full range of services — product cost analysis, prototype production and delivery, catalog sheets and sales aids, access to marketing channels, etc. We are willing to consider a range or relationships — from consulting to partnerships — to get your product to the market. Here’s an example of how we can partner in your success.