Resources for Inventors, Designers, and Artists

Global Link is an experienced, low cost-high service provider connecting people, knowledge, experience, products, creativity, and logistics. We have the experience and ability to bring together designers, manufacturers, and importers. For the company that wants product, we can assist you in every step, from matching you with the right artist for the design and development of your materials to sample production and delivery; from creating catalog sheets, to providing full freight and transportation services, including U.S. Customs duty and import brokerage.

Get your product to market in the most cost-effective way

We are willing to consider a range of relationships — from one-on-one consulting to partnerships to coaching — to get your product to the market, as well as offering several creative compensation options based on the individual needs of your product or business. By allowing us to work as your conduit, we can work with you in innovative ways to tailor a program to accomplish your business goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Typically our retail clients are companies expanding outside their current lines, perhaps for a special promotion or to leverage their current categories — by adding something already being purchased by their ideal customers. Categories popular with our retailers include floral supplies and basketry, housewares, kitchen accessories, home decor, gifts, pottery, holiday and seasonal items, sporting goods, resin products, dollar items and much more.