Resources for Manufacturers

If you’re not already sourcing out to Asia, you will be soon — your competitors will make it a necessity! From the Mom & Pop stores to the biggest retail chains, businesses are flocking to offshore goods and manufacturing because competition demands that buyers and manufacturers alike provide the best prices. Our clients are searching for products in many niches, including hardware and electrical, lawn & garden care, floral supplies, house and kitchenware, seasonal items, wood, wire, and metal products, automotive supplies and much more!

Leverage our solid relationships with designers, distributors, and retailers of floral supplies, holiday items, and more

Global Link is an experienced, low cost-high service provider connecting people, knowledge, experience, products, creativity, and logistics. By keeping our own costs and overhead to a minimum, we are able to pass on greater savings and buying power to you. We also pride ourselves in providing our customers with dependable delivery and conscientious quality control. We offer flexible compensation arrangements customized to the specific wants and needs of the client.<
Partnering with Global Link will save you time, money, and effort. You’ll have the advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience in making better connections and building stronger relationships with designers, distributors, and retailers. We have built solid relationships in such areas as hardware, floral supplies and basketry, housewares, crafts, home decor, gifts, holiday and seasonal items, dollar items and much more!

Avoid fixed overhead and costly travel to Asia

Our strong relationships allow us to secure preferential pricing for our customers, something which is often unavailable to buyers new to the Asian market. We understand that the complicated logistics of global business can be confusing, and we know that a misstep in this area can drastically affect your profits.

Rely on experienced quality control and dependable delivery

We also pride ourselves in providing our customers with dependable delivery and conscientious quality control: as a service to our customers, we offer full freight and transportation services, including U.S. Customs Duty and Import Brokerage, ensuring that your products reach you safely, efficiently, and in the most cost-effective manner.