Resources for Retailers

Retailers often run into frustrating roadblocks when trying to establish new business connections in the Pacific Rim. But by partnering with Global Link, you’ll have access to an established network of manufacturers, designers, importers, and sales reps. You will benefit from your ability to leverage your needs and know-how with our experience and connections in marketing and merchandising. Our relationships with Asian companies allows us to pass on to you the preferential pricing that many retailers only achieve after years of doing business in the Asian market!

Find manufacturers with exciting new items in a multitude of categories
Our retailer clients are often expanding their product lines, and we can help by bringing you to manufacturers who provide new, exciting, and popular items in a multitude of categories including floral supplies and basketry, housewares, kitchen accessories, home decor, gifts, pottery, holiday and seasonal items, sporting goods, resin products, dollar items and much more!

Avoid fixed overhead and costly travel to Asia
Because we are a low-overhead / low-cost provider, we can offer personalized, professional service to assist your business toward more rapid growth. We can help you avoid costly fixed overhead and time-consuming travel to Asia, while our knowledge and experience has shown us the fastest and most cost-effective methods of managing global logistics to guarantee that your merchandise travels swiftly, clears customs, and arrives at your door when you need it.

Develop the Asian-market connections your business needs
If you are new to the Asian market, you may have questions and find yourself wondering where you can turn for help, and how you can develop the connections and relationships your business needs. We can serve as your conduit: our extensive knowledge and experience provide you with a leg up and a safety net under. Our extensive network of manufacturers allows us to match you up with all the products and materials your business demands at the best possible price.

Our flexible compensation arrangements can be customized to the individual wants and needs of the client, and we can work with you in innovative ways to tailor a program to accomplish your business goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way.