Resources for the Floral and Garden Industry

We are one of the leading industry specialists in Floral and Garden Container, Basketry, and Floral accessories, and we offer a full range of services, including floral accessories product development and design work. By partnering with us, you will reap the benefits of increased exposure by leveraging your own experience and acumen with ours. Each relationship is custom-designed with the individual client in mind, taking care to make sure each client is getting the best value. We offer several creative compensation options based on the individual needs of your business, and we can work with you in a creative and diverse way to tailor a program to accomplish your business goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Avoid costly fixed overhead and time-consuming travel to Asia

Because we are a low-overhead / low-cost provider, we can offer personalized, professional service to assist your business toward more rapid growth. We can help you avoid costly fixed overhead and time-consuming travel to Asia, while our knowledge and experience has shown us the fastest and most cost-effective methods of managing global logistics to guarantee that your merchandise travels swiftly, clears customs, and arrives at your door when you need it. For companies who do have the time to travel to Asia, we can arrange all travel and accommodations for clients who want to visit the production facilities with us.

Leverage our network of manufacturers to find the products and materials you need

If you are new to the Asian market, you may have questions and find yourself wondering where you can turn for help, and how you can develop the connections and relationships your business needs. Our background in merchandising and marketing adds meaningfully to the reach of our network of sources in Asia. We can serve as your conduit: our extensive knowledge and experience provide you with a leg up and a safety net under. We can refer clients to sales channel specialists and sale reps, and our extensive network of floral and garden accessories manufacturers allows us to match you up with all the products and materials your business demands at the best possible price.

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